WomenTech Network is hosting the largest ‘virtual tech conference’ for women

When it comes to STEM fields – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – there are many events that are aimed towards women and their participation in tech to motivate more women to take part in these fields.

Between 7th June to 11th June 2021, The WomenTech Network is hosting the largest ‘virtual tech conference’ centered around women, their allies in tech, and minorities. The conference will bring together 100,000 women in technological fields from all across the world.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘future of work, tech innovation, how to make a lasting impact as a community and open collaboration’. Tech professionals, 5000 WomenTech Network Ambassadors, and industry innovators will participate in the conference.

Tech giants like Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon will be represented. According to the Founder and CEO of WomenTech Network, Anna Radulovski, in 2020 the world encountered a lot of sadness with the lockdowns, and their conference became a safe space for more than 141,000 women and minorities. It became a ray of home for some people, while a job opportunity for others.

Through this online conference, participants will be given the opportunity to technical workshops, a career expo, virtual face-to-face networking sessions, gain practical knowledge and accelerate their tech careers.

Organizations supporting WomenTech Network events are working to provide a more inclusive and diverse tech industry, making more than 10,000 scholarships available for individuals. This time, the network’s goal is to promote open collaboration that will help build a more sustainable world and be a stepping stone for women in their career.

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