This Islamabadi mom has figured out the MOST effective way to keep toddlers away from smartphones & televisions!

Children are extremely curious about the world around them. They have this unmatchable enthusiasm about how everything works. ‘How does this happen’ and ‘why does this happen’ are the two most frequent questions clouding their brains.

Their thirst for knowledge leads them on many exploratory missions. They will often ask you questions such as ‘how does the day turn into night?’ and ‘why is the moon round?’ They are just trying to get a sense of the world. The younger the kids are, their brains are more impressionable.

They say that the first 5 to 6 years of a child are his/her golden age. This means that these years are the prime time for learning and development.

Books are supposed to be a child’s best friend. Sadly, with the invention of smartphones and televisions, children are not really interested in books anymore. They would rather spend time watching television or use YouTube on a smartphone.

Noticing this trend, Maleeha Awan a resident of Islamabad decided to take matters into her own hands.

By putting her creative side to use, she started making handmade children’s books and activity cubes at home. How cool is that? She turned this into a full-fledged home-based business.

What was her inspiration behind this?

She says her daughter Hannah is the reason she started this. Maleeha says that children nowadays are usually busy watching television and using smartphones. The purpose of these activities and books is to limit their screen time and engage them in mentally healthy activities.

She says that mothers should provide these activity books and colourful cubes to their children to keep them busy and their minds active.

Maleeha along with having a Facebook page also has an Instagram account where she regularly posts videos of different activities for children. Now one would wonder, how does she manage her house, business and life with a toddler?

She says some days are difficult when her daughter is cranky and doesn’t let her work but she never lets this bring her down. She has now found a way to manage everything effectively.

Maleeha encourages other women to also step forward and follow their dreams. She says that it’s always the first step that is difficult, and then everything falls into place by itself.

In this day and age, when technology is increasing at such a fast pace, we should make sure we give our children a healthy and active lifestyle.

Never let them loose their friendship with books.

  • Fizza says:

    I really appreciate her work.

  • Maleeha Awan says:

    Hello. I am maleeha awan and really feel happy to see thia article about me and my work.thanka for appreciation

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