The first Muslim Mayor of Cambridge is a Pakistani woman & we’re super proud!

Sumbul Siddiqui was born in Pakistan and moved to the United States when she was 2 years old. Her parents took their twin children and decided to settle in the US so their children could have a better future.

A story of many immigrants. 

But what’s different about this family is that Sumbul not only became a two-term Councilor but now has been named the Mayor of Cambridge by the Cambridge City Council for the term 2020-2021. 

She is the first Muslim ever to wield this title. 

That’s right, not just Muslim woman but THE FIRST Muslim ever. 

The fact that she’s also Pakistani is a deal of great pride and honor for our country. 

She won by a unanimous vote and even Marc C McGovern who was the mayor before her announced that he would not be seeking re-election, and that Siddiqui has his full support too. 

Sumbul Siddiqui, Mayor of Cambridge, MA Photo Credit: Kyle Klein Photography

In her address to the council she said “When people ask me what I do, I tell them I’m a public servant and I’m very proud of that answer because service has defined my life” 

She also expressed her gratitude towards her parents for sacrificing everything to make sure their children had a bright future.

When talking about her experience as an immigrant she said 

“I can only imagine how my parents must have felt, in a completely new place, rebuilding their lives with very little money but a great deal of determination” “Thank Goodness that place was Cambridge, a city that continues to welcome immigrants from all around the world”

We LOVE her selfie skills!

She aims to create more affordable housing and economic opportunity, close the “achievement gap” and improve the response to instances of racism. 

With the recent rise of racism in the US it’s amazing that a Pakistani Muslim Woman was able to rise to this title. 

e wish Sumbul Siddiqui all the best on serving her term as the Mayor

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