Teen Afghan girls design a ventilator using cheap auto parts

As the coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic spreads across the world, we’ve realized how ill-equipped we all are in terms of healthcare. Countries all over the globe are running out of ventilators to keep patients alive, Afghanistan is one of these countries.

Afghanistan currently has about 400 ventilators overall in the whole country. With a population of 36 million, the amount of ventilators available is terrifying to think about. To think that only 400 people would be able to get treatment via ventilators is scary considering there are always patients suffering from other illnesses who are rushed to the hospitals because they need ventilators too, the COVID-19 outbreak puts their lives at risk aswell.

Somaya Faruqi, Dyana Wahbzadeh, Folernace Poya, Ellaham Mansori and Nahid Rahimi are 5 teenage girls from Afghanistan who make up the Robotics team called Afghan Dreamers, decided that they’re going to do something to help their nation in this time of dire need.

They designed a low-cost ventilator.

They used auto parts including a Toyota corolla engine and battery to make a ventilator that only costs $300. On average, regular ventilators cost around $3000! Their version could literally change the world’s healthcare system.

The founder of Afghan Dreamers, Roya Mahboob says that she hopes to have their prototype ready as early as May or June.

In addition to their own design, they’re also working on making one based on a design from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). This one is a gear-based system and uses the plastic pouch which is usually used manually to pump air into a patients lungs and makes it into an automatic system. This way less manpower would be needed to tend to more people in need.

It’s amazing to see that ideas like this can come from teenage girls, a sector of society that’s often not taken seriously. All these girls needed was a chance, for someone to listen to their ideas and to believe in them. Roya Mahboob did that for them and now these girls can potentially save millions of lives.

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