Root Network: A women-led startup that aims to make sustainable tourism mainstream

Ever since the corona outbreak, everything was on a stand-still and so was tourism. People stopped traveling as a precautionary measure. However, as the cases in Pakistan have lowered to a considerable extent, it seems like everything is returning back to the normal routine. Although tourism might be open now and the suspected corona cases might have dropped, it is so important to still take all the preventive measures and avoid overcrowding places to prevent any future inconvenience.

In the middle of all this, a women-led startup named ‘Root Network’, is serving the tourism industry by raising awareness on how to make the industry grow and progress keeping the current situation in view.

The Root Network Organization

The organization basically supports the tourist industry by giving tips on how to work in a ‘safe’ environment.

Its basic goal, as described by the organization itself, is the following.

The organization aims at creating an ‘equitable and inclusive’ tourism industry in the country by increasing the access to ‘economic’ opportunities for ‘indigenous communities’. It also wants to promote the ‘local culture’ and heritage as well as advocate sustainable development.

The organization’s co-founder, Aeeqa Ali, is also the founder of a female run experiential traveling company named, ‘The Mad Hatters Pk’.  Aeeqa believes that tourism is the key to improve the economy. However, it shouldn’t be done at the expense of the region’s safety.

Root Network has also drawn a lot of attention towards the important point of how locals in tourist areas are exploited and how mass tourism can be a harm to these areas. They have also planned and launched a COVID-19 tourism ‘safety project’. This plan provides safety and practice to travelers about how to travel responsibly.

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