From being a refugee to an engineer at NASA – Hiba Rahmani

Hiba Rahmani was born in Pakistan. She was only about a month old when she moved with her mother to Kuwait while her father worked in the US. Caught in the gulf war, they had to live in a refugee camp in Jordan for a while.

While talking about how hard that part of her life really was she said “All the tents at the camp were taken, so we had to sleep on the cold desert sand

Eventually, her family was reunited and they moved over the the States where Hibah went to the University of Central Florida for her undergrad and did

Circumstances like this could break anyone but she found a silver lining. Laying under the open sky, talking to her family before going to sleep every night inspired her to learn more about what’s beyond the sky. She realised she wanted to learn about what’s beyond it – about space.

Eventually, her family was reunited and they moved over to he United States. Hibah did her undergrad from the University of Central Florida and also had has a Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech.

She was so passionate about space that she ended up securing a job at NASA.

Hibah is in the team that makes rockets. They work on commercial rockets like the Falcon 9 and the Pegasus. They do everything, from the initial certification process to the actual testing.

She’s visited Pakistan and conducted workshops on the field of Science and Technology. She says that she wants to inspire as many other students from Pakistan to join the STEM field themselves too.

Hibah is one of those women that continue to prove – you can accomplish anything if you really put your mind to it.

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