Meet Ravish Zahid Thomas: The Pakistani-Christian who won Mrs. Pakistan World 2020

Ravish Zahid Thomas has been awarded the title of Mrs. Pakistan World of the year. She is representing her country worldwide. Ravish is born and raised in Pakistan; however, she moved to America in 2016 after her marriage. She has represented her country proudly in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Africa, India, and now in the USA.

Ravish’s achievements

Ravish has been doing social work ever since she was 12 years. She gave credit for what she has achieved to her parents, who considered her a blessing and gave her all the freedom that any daughter rightly deserves. At the age of 27, Ravish wishes to return to Pakistan and give back to her own country. She intends to raise awareness about her title and how other women can apply for it. She clarified that beauty isn’t the criteria to take part in the competition; rather, the overall personality and grooming and education also matter in the competition.

Ravish Zahid Thomas aims at making Pakistan proud. She is currently studying at the University of Texas and is proud of herself over her achievement. She says she feels like a ‘queen’ wearing the crown.
It is refreshing to see how Pakistani women are breaking barriers and making the country proud in all spheres of life. Ravish has taught us that Pakistanis are second to none. Strong women like her are a matter of pride for the country. More power to her for her efforts.

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