Rameesha Khan’s inspirational journey – from a failed marriage to a gold-medalist athlete is a hope for many

As a child, Rameesha was always into weight-lifting. However, it was not something that she could proceed with as a career, so as many other Pakistani girls, Rameesha too got married at a very young age. She wasn’t even able to complete her education due to her marriage at an early age.

The athlete’s marriage lasted for about 11 years, but she had no kids. When she realized that she was not the sort of woman who could confine her life till the kitchen and had wanted to fly high, Rameesha smashed all the superstitious rituals and decided to end her marriage.

After that, Rameesha decided to do something for herself and with her skills. With divorce being a taboo in the country and a divorcee looked upon as someone who has failed at life, the athlete decided not to let the obstacles hold her back and chose a career that is not considered suitable for women. Starting as a simple gym member to becoming a fitness trainer, this power-lady ensured nothing would stop her and kept moving through every difficulty with courage.

Rameesha Khan is now a gold-medalist for doing 100kg squats and 115kg deadlifts on the district level. She took to Instagram to share the big news with the public thanking people for pushing her and believing in her. She now aims to win big and represent Pakistan on an international level.

Rameesha’s achievements are inspirational for divorcees who aim to fly but let society snatch away their dreams from them and also for the girls who want to choose some career but are constantly told how it is not suitable for women.

‘It is possible to go on, no matter how impossible it seems.’ -Nicholas Sparks

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