PSO takes a giant step towards progress – hires female employees!

Pakistan State Oil, PSO, is riding the feminist tide. For the first time-ever, it is hiring female ‘filling station’ attendants.

PSO took to Facebook to talk about how important workplace diversity is. They talked about how vital women are in a community and informed that they take initiatives very frequently to empower and strengthen the women of our country. They further informed that they have started hiring female pump attendants at their retail outlet and claim that they took this step to boost their confidence and create opportunities for them. The sole purpose of PSO’s progressive initiative is ‘women empowerment.’

Women in Pakistan struggle in many ways. One of the biggest problems is the employment situation due to certain jobs are considered ‘unsuitable’ for them. In the current situation, such steps are what we need to progress as a nation.

Previously, Total Parco decided to hire ‘female gas station’ attendents.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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