Meet Jameela Khatoon, Karachi’s ‘Iron Lady’ who works hard to make a living

Jameela Khatoon's oil shop

Karachi’s iron lady, Jameela Khatoon constantly struggles to make both ends meet. However, that doesn’t stop her from working hard to earn an honest living.

Jameela fixes motorcycles for a living. Her small shop is near the Lakhpati Hotel. Talking to a reputed media outlet, she told that she has been working for 35 years. She does all the mechanical work which includes changing the oil and servicing motorcycle engines as well. Although, her grandson does help her but she does all the hard work on her own.

After her husband was diagnosed with cancer, she was the only one who could earn for the house. She took over her husband’s business for the purpose. When she started working, she had six laborers. However, Jameela said in the interview that they wanted to take over her business. They threatened her but she stood firm. The brave lady told them that she won’t let them take over. ‘It is due to Allah’s will and His love for me that I am still earning my bread here,’ She said.

Jameela Khatoon has four grandchildren at home. Her adopted son passed away due to an illness. She recalls her struggles however, she says she doesn’t believe in ‘mourning losses.’ She shares how she was lost Rs1.7 mn that she had invested with a business partner to set up a soft drinks venture. She mentioned the painful experience with a lot of strength. ‘If it would have been anyone else in my place, they would have died.’

Jameela says she doesn’t let her daughters or daughter in law do the house chores too. She does everything on her own. She won’t beg for her needs but she chooses to work hard.

Jameela urges the government to give her a loan or help her set up a shop so she can work in a better environment.

Watch the complete interview here:

Jameela Khatoon is one of those women in Pakistan who are an inspiration. She refuses to give up because of the hard times. She is resolute and doesn’t let anything in her way stop her.

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