Breaking Stereotypes: Meet Kulsoom Hazara – An unbeaten Karate star from Pakistan

Kulsoom Hazara is an unbeaten national Karate champion for 17 years now. She narrates her journey of becoming a star-player by telling how she lost her parents at a very young age. Then her brother-in-law, Sarwar Ali, who was also her mentor, became her inspiration. He wanted her to learn karate and pushed her towards it.
Unfortunately, her family had to leave Quetta due to persistent sectarian violence. After moving to Karachi, her mentor was target-killed. Despite the setback, she stood firm and didn’t stop. Kulsoom self-trained after her brother-in-law’s departure.

Kulsoom’s Journey to becoming a star

Kulsoom added that her journey wasn’t smooth, she faced some obstacles. When she went for training at the karate club, she was the only girl, and the boys teased her. But none of it held her back from doing what she wanted to. She aimed to achieve goals for Pakistan, and this made her forget everything else.

Kulsoom’s achievements

The power lady reached her first milestone in 2003 when she won her first gold medal. She has won the ‘South Asian’ Gold medal thrice as well. Her achievements don’t stop here. In the year 2017, she won the ‘Icon of the Nation’ award.

Kulsoom Hazara’s goal is to set up a karate training club for women. She is an inspiration to many, and she wants to empower other women as well. Since karate is still a neglected sport in the country, she urges the government and the public to focus equally on other sports as they do on cricket, so that Pakistan can prove itself in other sports as well.

Kulsoom Hazara is the nation’s pride. More power to her.

Here is Kulsoom’s interview:

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