Karachi: Mother of 3 starts kickboxing to overcome house-related stress and tension!

Whether you are a housewife or a working lady, you can never escape from mommy-ing or house related duties. In our society women are required to manage everything ranging from the kids to the chores. If you live in a joint set up, then expectations from you also increase.

Along with looking after the kids, hubby, your job (if you’re working) & in-laws, you hardly get any time left for yourself.

All the stress and tension of getting things done at a required time takes a toll on you physically and mentally. Sometimes, all of this sense of ‘responsibility’ gets too much to handle. The burden on your tired shoulders pushes you even deeper into a lack of self-worth, depression and even anxiety.

courtesy: Independent Urdu

So what does one do when faced with such a situation?

Let’s learn from the example of Shehzeen who is a housewife and a mother of 3 children. She felt like she was in the same boat, the stress of managing everything was giving her anxiety.

She took to kickboxing as a way to release her vent up anger, frustration and stress.

Shehzeen runs a business of selling homemade pasta. Along with managing her entire house and her growing business, Shehzeen wanted to tackle her mental pressure and anxiety from being so overworked and busy.

She ultimately joined the ‘Seven kickboxing academy’ located in Zamzamma, Karachi. Even though this academy is at a distance of 30 kilometers from her home, she didn’t let this come in her way.

According to Shehzeen, nothing is impossible.

She says that she can easily manage her stress, mental pressure and anxiety through kickboxing.

According to her, it gives her new strength and skill to battle any problem that comes her way. It helps in keeping her active. She encourages other women to take this up and tells them no to back out due to their weight.

She says she had no issue doing it even though she is plus-sized.

Moreover, she made a video of herself kickboxing which she shared on social media. The response she got was mixed. A lot of people encouraged her whereas some told her to quit this useless activity and focus on looking after her house. The negative comments didn’t seem to bother her at all. She believes people should definitely include this activity in their lifestyle in order to eliminate stress and anxiety.

courtesy: Independent Urdu

We should encourage our women to look after their mental and physical well being.

It’s about time women are encouraged to have some relaxation and stress-free time away from their daily duties and chores. Let’s help build each other up!

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