Forbes ‘Next 1000 List’ features Mariam Nusrat Adil from Pakistan

Forbes ‘Next 1000 List’ celebrates and appreciates the small businesses with a revenue of less than $10 million. The list includes entrepreneurs who are running businesses with the potential to inspire and Mariam Nusrat has also been featured in the list.

Mariam is currently living in Virginia, USA. She has done her Master’s from LUMS and George Washington University, US.

GRID – Gaming Revolution for Inspiring Development was initiated in 2015 and Nusrat’s work has been appreciated on several platforms. She has been working with a team of Pakistan-based game developers who basically aim at creating mobile games that will promote positive behavioral changes and that too at a low cost. The team has by far created eight portfolio games in about four languages which are based on topics such as structural racism, STEM learning, health pandemics, climate change, and more.

The team is currently working on democratizing content creation through the use of video games.

Mariam has successfully presented GRID on numerous platforms including TEDx events and sessions moderated by USA’s former President Clinton at the CGIU meetings.

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