First-ever female bike riders patrolling the city appointed by Karachi police

In a country where women continue to struggle in numerous spheres of life, Karachi police have made a landmark move by appointing the first-ever female bike riders who will patrol the city and look out for any kind of traffic violations.

This is groundbreaking as in Pakistan, women face uphill battle in getting a bike license. Karachi police have only appointed two lady traffic constables yet. They were also specially trained before being appointed to the duty.

Samavia is appointed at District South, and Razia is working in District East of Karachi. A well-reputed media outlet informed that Additional IG Ghulam Nabi Memon congratulated the two police officials and stated that ‘the step was taken in coordination with the policy of the Sindh Police woman’s empowerment.’

Last year, Sobia Khan became the first ever ‘female traffic police sergeant’ in the history of Balochistan.

It is great to see how women are breaking boundaries and entering fields that were once considered ‘unsuitable’ for them, smashing all types of stereotypes in their way. These ladies are an example that the women can do whatever they want.

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