Breaking Stereotypes – A small electronic shop owner in Karachi is teaching his daughters to be repairwomen

Pakistani women are usually held back and even before they are born, boundaries are set for them by others. So many dreams are crushed without a second thought. Women are told which job they can and can’t do, or at what age they will get married. While the society is busy telling girls they shouldn’t laugh too loud or sit a certain way, this man from Karachi is fearlessly empowering his eight girls.

Naseeb Jamal – breaking stereotypes

Naseeb Jamal works as an appliance repairer in Qasba Colony, and is simultaneously teaching his daughters his profession. Naseeb faced a lot of criticism and hatred by the people around him over this, but he made sure that his daughters don’t become a part of the negativity, and they continue to learn.
He says that people called him a ‘rebel,’ and his mother was against the idea of the girls sitting on the shop as it was contradictory to the country’s ‘traditions.’ Jamal still didn’t give up and trained his daughters who are amazing at their work now.

Naseeb’s daughters are his strength

Where many people wish they had sons instead of daughters, Jamal knows that his daughters are a blessing and his biggest strength. Others pitied him over not having any sons, and so Jamal decided to show the world how strong his daughters have made him.

Naseeb Jamal believes that there should be no ‘difference’ between a son and a daughter. He calls the girls his pride and says that whenever they are appreciated for their skills, his face ‘glows.’
Jamal would teach the girls after their school hours, and he has a stern belief that other than studies, skills are essential too.

Jamal’s dreams don’t end here. He wants his daughters to be engineers when they grow up and be independent. He is a role model for all the fathers in this world.

Watch his interview here:

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