Daughter brings home gold medal to father, who sells fruit to fund her education!

When children are born, people rejoice at the new addition to their families – everyone’s ecstatic. We love large families with lots of babies in Pakistan.

Yet, we forget how expensive each human being can get. 

One of the most expensive things in Pakistan right now is Education. People can barely afford primary and secondary education, as school fees for private schools range from 15000-40000 rupees all across the country. 

A country where the minimum wage is 18000 Rupees how can someone afford sending multiple kids to school? 

This becomes a bigger problem when it comes to higher education as the fee goes up higher and higher with the level of education. 

But that didn’t stop this family.

Abdul Ghafar is a fruit vendor in Faisalabad.

His job is tiresome and difficult, it doesn’t guarantee how much money he’ll be taking home on any particular day and he doesn’t know if he’ll even be making minimum wage. 
At home, his wife helps out by stitching clothes. Together they take care of all the needs a child might have. 

They were determined to make sure that their daughter gets the best education there was – they fully supported her 

And that support did wonders.

Sabah- Kissing her Gold Medal.

Their daughter Noorul Sabah studied from the University of Education in Lahore. She just completed her MSc in Economics and received a Gold Medal! 

She is one of 158 students that received a Gold medal. The total number of students graduating was –12000. This is a huge achievement. 

While speaking to the press her father spoke about how he always supported his daughter at every step saying –

Yeh parhti gayi, hum iska saath detey gaye” 

You can hear how proud he is of his daughter just by listening to his voice. 

While addressing the event, Sabah said “My father is a fruit vendor and my mother stitches clothes in our house. They’ve faced a lot of hardships yet they still helped me in completing my education. I’m dedicating this gold medal to my parents” 

“This gold medal belongs to them” – Sabah 

For Pakistan to move forward we need this. We need parents to understand the importance of education and support their children however they can in making sure they get it. 

Higher education shouldn’t be a thing that only the “rich and wealthy” have. There are millions of great minds all across Pakistan – they just need the access and support to come out and shine. 

  • Tahir Baig says:

    Well done ?

  • Bobby says:

    Well done

  • jamal ud din says:

    This is beautiful

  • Zahoor says:

    Congratulation For her hardwork

  • Murli says:

    An Amazing sacrifice of these parents whose dreams came true .Heartiest congratulations to this young women who created history by not only Graduating but winning the gold Medal .God bless them wish her all the success in her life

  • Atif Khattak says:

    proud to u Sabah..

  • Shabbir says:

    Well done

  • Nazar Hussain Nasir says:

    Congratulations to girl and family. She worked hard to get the medal and they worked hard to support her.

  • James Hochschwender says:

    Very well done to both her parents and to Sabah! It shows how much can be achieved with singleminded dedication and hard work!

  • Naila Ajmal says:

    Subhanallah! This is amazing!! Proud of the parents’ love, support, and determination. And proud of Sabah for showing utmost gratitude by dedicating to and recognizing her parents!

    I agree! Education should be EVERYONE’s right (not just the rich and privileged!) After all, Our Deen began with IQRA!

  • Moroo says:

    Very inspiring, all the best for her future endeavours.

  • Maida says:

    My heart is so warm reading this. MashaAllah, props to her parents for being amazing, and to her for being the queen she was meant to be!

  • Aleem says:

    Well covered and documented story – kuddos to the media house who has covered it ??

  • Basharat Ali says:

    Hardworking is the key of success

  • Sanober says:

    Proud of that girl.
    Well done ?❤️

  • Fazal Wahab says:

    All Private schools are not taking 15000 Rs to 40000 Rs, Here many school in local and poverty areas are taken fees in between 500 Rs to 1000 Rs and they give better result.

  • NAJAF JOIYA says:

    hardwork and determination leads to success and especially for females,parents are the major role in their education.I pray for her having more brilliant success in future.

  • Waji Afridi says:

    Wldn Appi
    Appreciated ❤️

  • Jawedbawa says:

    I always say nothing is impossible

  • Muna says:

    Lots of love and blessings to this wonderful young lady and her cutest parents

  • Dr Sadar Uddin Siddiqui says:

    Shining stars should be on scholarship, why it didn’t happened?

  • Seema Gul says:

    This is wonderful! Hope she has a happy and successful life!!

  • Shankar says:


  • Javed Aslam Tahir says:

    Well done. We all feel proud of you and your family, who supported you despite constraints. Continue your hard work. You are the Future of Pakistan.

  • Salma says:

    Well done keep it up

  • Muhammad Anees Butt says:

    Well done Beti Noor!
    May Allah give healthy and prosperous life to your parents and grant every success and achievement He has in His treasures for you! We ALL Pakistanis are proud of you!

  • Urmila Madhav says:

    Best wishes
    To Sabah

  • Angela Jaisingh says:

    God bless that daughter, God bless that family

  • Hasu says:

    Very good! Pakistan needs strong and educated women to move our country forward.

  • Shabnum Bahar says:

    Great.. Salute to your parents. Keep it up.. More power to you girl.

  • Tufail Ahmed says:

    Best achievements ,very inspiring of Gold medal for Noorul Sabah and her parents at present expensive education system Pakistan.

  • James Aiello says:

    Thats so ❤ warming

  • Deepak Jog says:

    Bhagvan tumhe Khush Rakhe. Congratulations Sabah

  • Imarah Lu Oneron says:

    Alf mabrok sister,im so very proud if you and your parents,goodluck to the new journey…

  • M Faisal B says:

    Well done . Parents Duas always their . Day and night study was worth doing. Good luck for the future . May Allah SWT fulfilled your wishes and Duas ? and baraket . Remember the five namaz prayers

    • Khan says:

      Cannot have said it better. May Allah bless their parents and give them a long life to witness their daughters further success. Ameen

  • Hashmath Baig says:


  • Dr.Barish says:

    Subhan Allah Beti

  • Jon Paren says:

    That’s true all over the world. Each and everyone should have the right to quality education and health care. No matter one’s status in society be it: rich or poor

  • Narsa Ram says:

    Cogratulations Sabah and may god bless you and your family with lot of prosperity and happiness… Happy future ahead…. nobody is mightier than time so just go ease with time.

  • Tanveer says:


  • Abdul Khayum says:

    Fantastic success story. I would like to support this family and help Sabah further her career.

  • Arshad khan says:

    This is great to hear of such great parents and honest daughter. What irks my mind is the next step. Does our economy has space for such graduates with distinction or she will be ending up as primary school teacher like her successors.

  • Fatima says:

    When there is a will there is a way…

  • Somya thesassthing says:

    Well done

  • thomas mfodwo says:

    God bless the parents and God bless this young lady and make her future bright and successful

  • Raju Malla says:

    A huge congratulations to you Sabah and of course to your hard working parents who enable you to achieve this gold medal.

  • Abed Peerally says:

    I too won first prize in my HSC Cambridge My BSC and MSC and then did PhD Manchester. I can feel the thought of Sabah. My parents too were precious to me. Congratulations Sabah.

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