Breaking stereotypes: Meet Sanjana, the bride who wore a pantsuit to her wedding

A traditional lehenga is everything girls dream of wearing on their wedding day. Well, not all girls. Some girls like Sanjana, have a different outlook towards their dream marriage attire. This desi bride took things to the next level and made sure she stuck to her style and whatever she was comfortable in.

Sanjana’s wedding look

Sanjana wore a cool vintage blue pantsuit on her big day, and we are stunned. She created a gorgeous look with her suit, hoops, and gave a traditional hint to her jewelry, dupatta, and shoes. She made a perfect combination, following both her American and Indian culture. While many wear heavy dresses with bundles of embroidery, beads, and sparkle, this power-woman decided to take things lightly and in the bossiest way possible.

Sanjana went for an effortless wedding, with a guest-list consisting of 11 people. Other than this, she made sure to make her big day as sentimental as possible. Many loved ones couldn’t make it to her wedding due to the lockdown, so she made sure she had pieces that reminded her of those people on the special occasion. She borrowed the corset she was wearing from her best friend’s mother, and the hoops she was wearing were her sister’s.

While many people make their wedding days an outlet to portray their wealth by buying the most expensive dresses and having a lengthy guest list, it looks like Sanjana knew what matters and what will stay with her till the very end. She knew that these things have a lot of sentimental values and memories attached to them, and that is all she will look back at after her marriage.
While costly decors and high-priced dresses might make many happy, these little things are what will bring internal pleasure years after your marriage.

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