Aurat March – Triggering people before it even takes place.

On the 8th of March, International Women’s Day, women march against the patriarchy and raise their voice for the rights of women and inclusivity of all genders in society.

These marches are peaceful protests where people bring in their placards and chant about their concerns. For the past couple of years, we’ve also seen these marches take place in Pakistan. People participating in these marches have been faced with a lot of online harassment.

A lot of people just straight up didn’t understand the point of the march, saying “women already have all the rights they need” or “what else do they want” and so on. Further proving the point of the march.

For this year’s march women got together with the organising team and made a mural with posters in Hussain Chowk, Lahore – to get the word out.

The finished product was a masterpiece. People all over social media were talking about the mural, it went viral!

But a few hours later, an angry mob of men tore it all up.

So much anger towards simple posters that women put up? We see hundreds of ads pasted all over our cities every day but no one bats an eye. But women reclaiming the same cities and using one wall triggered these people so much that they went out of their way to destroy and tear into the mural.

Then why do people wonder “why women march?”

Human rights lawyer Nighar Dad tweeted when she heard of the incident. Saying, if the posters put up by women receive this much hatred, can you even imagine the hatred received by women who actually stand up for their rights?

The fact that these people had the time and actually spent the physical energy to get up out of their homes, drive to the wall and then tear out these posters is insane. You have to be really angry to actually dedicate part of your day to go vandalise something.

How angry can a few posters make you?

As a form of resistance, the artists who made the original artwork for the mural have decided to put up the posters for free download. Anyone can print them and put them up in their neighbourhoods – taking the message far past the one wall the originally chose.

In a way, them vandalising the wall did the opposite of what they wanted. It’s gotten the word out ten folds more than it had before.

One of the volunteers replied to this ordeal by saying “You can tear down the posters but you can’t tear us apart. We will resist all things like these and keep putting up posters”

Right after this incident, a petition was filed against the march trying to tell women what their “real place” is

Umm.. wat?

adding that hiding behind the facade of a march, it’s main purpose is to “spread anarchy and vulgarity”

Women peacefully protesting is vulgarity and anarchy?

You can find the Aurat March Manifesto on all of their social media pages and guess what? There aren’t any points asking for anarchy.

How messed up is our society? Where women demanding equal rights becomes vulgar? What is it that everyone else is doing that if women do that it’ll be vulgar or inappropriate? and why is it not inappropriate when men do it?

And if they aren’t doing anything questionable, why can’t they stand women doing the same things too?

Aurat March will be held all across the country Sunday, March 8, 2020.

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