Sayyeda Zainab Bint e Ali(as) – a story of valor, courage, and bravery!

Hussain Ibn e Ali’s (AS) sacrifices for the great cause of saving Islam are known to everyone. Hazrat Hussain’s (AS) ultimate stand against injustice and oppression is something that is looked up to by people from every religion and not just Muslims. His death was the reason why Yazid’s tyrannical rule came to an end. 

The role model for humanity

Karbala is true; full of messages and role models for humanity among who Zainab Bint e Ali (AS) is one too. She is also known as the ‘strongest lady of Karbala’. Zainab(as) was Imam’s sister who accompanied him on his journey to Karbala.

After the war, when the women of the family of the Prophet(PBUH) were held and taken as captives, Zainab(as) played a potent role in representing Islam. She stood firm against the atrocities of Yazid and unraveled his true face in front of everyone. After Hussain(a), she made sure that she doesn’t let the message of the Prophet(PBUH) and Hussain(a) die. She took the flag of Islam in her own hands.

Zainab’s sermons in the court of Yazid in front of thousands are exemplary. She quoted verses from Surah Aal-e-Imran, and told Yazid not to be happy over his apparent victory because the tyrant always dies a ‘painful’ death. She told him how he can never erase their message, the message of truth.

Bibi Zainab (AS) – who is she?

The Prophet(PBUH)’s granddaughter is one of the strongest women in the history of Islam. She is a shining sun in history. With her best attributes and strength which was unbreakable, Zainab(as) has left a message for the whole of humanity. Her powerful voice against injustice is one reason why Muhammad(saww)’s message is still alive.

Zainab(as) has undoubtedly shown the wonders a strong woman can do. After sacrificing everything she had, seeing her brothers and sons martyred in front of her, she still stood steadfast. She got her sobriety from her grand-mother, Hazrat Khadija(as). She was modest like her own mother, Fatima(a) and eloquent and brave like her father, Ali(as). She is without any doubt, a role-model and an icon for today’s women.  

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