BRAVE Nadia Jamil is battling cancer with a wide smile on her face!

Nadia Jamil’s fight with cancer is an example for everyone to follow.

Nadia Jamil is a Pakistani actress and also a host. Nadia returned to the screen after her break in a drama serial which was released in the year 2019 named ‘Damsa’. It highlighted a very important issue of ‘Child Trafficking’. The serial raised a lot of awareness and Nadia’s acting, role and appearance, all were on point.

Before Damsa, the actress had been known for Balu Mahi, Behadd, Raat Chali hai jhoom k, and meri jaan.

Nadia’s fight with cancer

Her acting skills aside, Nadia Jamil is one of the bravest women you will ever meet. In April 2020, the actress was diagnosed with ‘breast cancer’ and her fight with the disease is the most astounding thing you will ever hear. She went abroad for her treatment however; she made sure that she inspires all the people who are going through such an experience by sharing her journey with the public on Instagram. Nadia’s positive approach towards her difficult times is wholesome. It presents the needed will-power for recovery.

She recently shared a video along with her ‘radiation machine’. The note she left as a caption will leave everyone in tears yet show how courageous Nadia is. She wrote that cancer does not only have to be frightening. It also has its moment of ‘healing and strength’. She also mentioned that she loved ‘dancing’ and she’ll always tell herself to never stop dancing as the ‘trees dance the hardest during a storm’.

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