Meet this Muslim astrophysicist who just discovered a new galaxy!

Burçin Mutlu-Pakdil is a Turkish born, Muslimah scientist who made it to the news after discovering a whole new galaxy. The galaxy is named after her as Burçin’s Galaxy. How cool is that? She studied physics at a university in Ankara. It’s not surprising to know that there were only a few female students in her department.

In 2003, she joined Bilkent University in Turkey and graduated in 2009. In order to complete her studies further, she moved to the U.S where she went as far as to complete a Doctorate from the University of Minnesota.

Burçin’s story is unique because she came from a traditional family background. Her parents knew the importance of education and left no stone unturned in helping their daughter achieve her goals.

What makes her galaxy so unique?

In a normal galaxy, the central body is visibly attached to the rings which are asymmetric. Burçin’s galaxy is unique because the central body has two symmetric rings that have no attachment to it. There is even a red coloured inner ring that is surrounding the central body. Pretty cool right?

Why is this story so inspiring?

First of all, Burçin defied all odds to complete her education. She chose a subject that very few female students opt for. The fact that she discovered a whole new galaxy, is a woman and a young Muslim scientist, is very encouraging for other female Muslim students.

She also encourages students including girls to not give into any external pressure while choosing their fields of interest. She advises them to work hard and keep trying even if they don’t succeed the first time. She is a living inspiration for all of us.

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