A hard-core feminist and progressive thinker: Meet Kaneez Fatima, a juice vendor who is breaking stereotypes

Meet Kaneez Fatima, a hard-core feminist and a progressive thinker, who is breaking stereotypes. Kaneez is a widow, who used to work as a domestic help before she set up her juice stall in Karim Market, Lahore.

Kaneez’s inspirational story

Kaneez got all the support and backing she needed from her brother since her son was against her setting up a juice stall. She has been managing her stall for three years now, and sells ‘lemon soda, grapefruit juice, and mausami ka juice’.

The idea came to her one day when she was sitting idly at home with her brother, she thought that she’s already in the market, and should start a stall of some kind. When she shared this idea with her brother, he encouraged her and motivated her.

The power woman brings fruits directly from the mandi. Her son washes cars, but his work is slowly dying down. Similarly, Kaneez’s own work isn’t blooming as much as it used to before, and she also has a small profit margin.

Kaneez said that one day, a boy came up to her and said that he hadn’t seen her before. Upon hearing her story, the young man shot a video of her, which helped her business greatly but now, it has once again slowed down.

Fatima is a widow herself, and she says that widows should do everything they can to support themselves and not lose hope, even if it’s stitching clothes or starting a small academy in their homes. The determined businesswoman is of the view that there is no harm in working hard to earn your own money, and one should NEVER give up. She says that women are strong and powerful, and they should not hold themselves back.

Watch Kaneez’s interview here:

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