Breaking Boundaries: Meet Marina Syed, the owner of ‘Rowdy Riders’ a training academy for riding motorcycles

Marina Syed, the owner of ‘Rowdy Rides,’ rides a bike fearlessly. Not only is she breaking boundaries and challenging the patriarchal mindset by riding her bike, but she’s also training young girls.

Marina is now making her debut in a film where she is a bike rider, and it is inspired by the ‘Motorway rape case.’

Syed, along with her friends, started this training academy. However, her friends left her in the process, and she was alone, so she asked her brother to help, and he backed her up. Moreover, Marina received support from a firm for the academy.

The young woman started the academy to help girls as there is no training center in Pakistan, which teaches women how to ride bikes professionally. Since Marina struggled herself, she made sure no other girl has to endure what she did. She teaches working women on weekends too. She believes that it is a ‘need’ for women to learn how to drive bikes because one should be able to support themselves.

Unfortunately, Pakistan is a country where a woman rider is seen with critical eyes and judged for it. People can’t digest the idea of women riding bikes, but despite the barriers and struggles, ladies like Marina have proved from time to time again that nobody can stop them. Not only is she an example of a strong woman, but she is making sure she works to empower other women too.

Here’s Marina’s interview:

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