Manisha Ropeta denies all odds and becomes the first female Hindu DSP

Despite all the obstacles and unconventional challenges they face, Pakistani minorities continue to impress and make an impact on a national level. Such a hero is Manisha Ropeta, who is now the first Hindu woman to become a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP). Hailing from Jacobabad, the 26-year-old was appointed after she cleared the Sindh Public Service Commission exam.

This is the first time a woman from the Hindu community has been chosen for such a prestigious position. Ropeta stood at 16th number on a merit list of 152 prosperous candidates, as per the result announced by the Sindh Public Service Commission.

While talking about her struggles, she opened up about how she had to work hard, probably harder than others.

“Sometimes I feel the day would go by and I had done nothing except studying”, Ropeta said.

Her aim was to quit her career in medicine to become a police officer. She said she has always wanted to do something out of the box and extraordinary.

“It was expected that I would go for MBBS, but when that didn’t work out, I thought of going for DPT, since that too is in the field of medicine,” Manisha added. Her interests include poetry, and she is hyped to start her DSP training and serve in the police force.

Watch her interview here:

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