Meet Manu Bebo, Kashmir’s first Transgender make-up artist

20-years-old Manu Bebo is winning over the internet with her makeup tutorials that she posts on Instagram and YouTube.

Talking to a well-reputed media outlet, Manu told how she was raised as a boy. She had a happy childhood. However, at the age of 13, the makeup artist felt different. She realized how she wanted to be a girl. The mindset that she had brought with it a lot of backlash from her family and friends. She was made fun of and even bullied. The artist was bullied to an extent that she thought about quitting her studies but gradually, she became used to it and stopped caring.

Manu was unable to continue her studies after grade 12th but she was still determined to do something with her life. Instead of choosing to sing and dance, like the majority transgender community does at Kashmir, Bebo decided to stand out. She worked on her makeup skills as it was something she always enjoyed doing.

The artist also revealed that she is ‘self taught’ and doesn’t have any kind of training. She wanted to do something with her life that was respectful and so she did it. Bebo described how absolutely happy she is with her life and how delighted she feels to earn for herself. She also told that her family has no problem with what she does.

Manu Bebo gave a message to the transgenders who choose to hide their identity. She wants them to be themselves and NOT to focus on what people think because life is too short for that. Even if someone’s doing something good, people will still have ‘something’ to say and therefore, one should choose to rise, ‘like a boss.’

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