Inspirational female biker completes 3,000 mile journey to Makkah on 2-wheels!

Sara Haba who is a Tunisian national made headlines when she reached Makkah on her bicycle in 53 days. She carefully planned her journey and cycled her way through the deserts in Egypt and Sudan. She even shared her experience on YouTube and Instagram using the hash tag #cyclingtomecca.

Sara started her journey from her country Tunisia and kept cycling for 53 days till she reached Makkah. The total distance she covered was 3000 kilometers.

She wrote about how the trip was not a bed of roses and she had to face a lot of obstacles both mentally and physically.

Haba claims her bicycle to be her biggest support. She even named it Merzoua which means “grace with blessing” in African Arabic.

She mentions in one of her posts how cycling to Saudi Arabia was not as tough as she had expected. According to her, Saudi Arabia was one of the easiest countries she cycled in throughout her journey.

Haba gained a lot of supporters and fans who kept following her journey. She even met cyclists who supported her and left messages for her on her Instagram account. She said:

“A special thanks to each person who has crossed my way, smiled to me, shown me the way, filled my bottles with water, offered me a fruit, shared their house with me, presented me to their family and friends, cycled with me even for 10km, cried with me and made me a part of their lives. I didn’t expect anything of all what happened.”

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