Imam-e-Masjid supports his daughter’s passion for sports, she wins a medal for Pakistan in South Asian Games!

Belonging to Punjab’s Faisalabad, this Imam-e-Masjid made the headlines a few months back, when his story surfaced on digital and social media. Breaking stereotypes and going against the societal norms, he gave permission to his daughter to pursue her passion for sports.

His daughter, Sahib-e-Asra, quickly rose to the national prominence after being declared as the fastest Pakistani runner. Now, she has brought honor to Pakistan by securing a bronze medal for the country in 13th South Asian Games, currently being held in Nepal.

In a women’s 400-meter race competition, she covered the distance in 54.58 seconds. The first position was secured by Sri Lankan athlete, who achieved the goal in 53.40 seconds.

Asra defeated participants from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and India in the competition. In a telephonic interview with Urdu News, Asra said that she worked extremely hard for the South Asian Games and her effort has finally paid off.

Representing Pakistan in an international competition, Asra stated that it was only made possible because of her father’s prayers and unconditional support.

”They say offering prayers in my lead in a sin”

Her father, Qari Alam Khan, is fulfilling the duties of Imam-e-Masjid in a mosque located in Faisalabad’s Hajvery town from the last 30 years. The family still does not have a house of their own, and live in the upper portion of the mosque.

However, he did not let any challenge dim her daughter’s light. Speaking about her achievements, Qari Alam said that he is extremely proud of her.

“I’m holding my head high in pride because of her. We are poor people and this achievement came after a lot of challenges and difficulties”

“But I cannot tell anyone about my daughter’s feat”, he added.

“Shopkeepers and residents threaten to throw me out of the mosque. They say that because my daughter is an athlete and makes TV appearances, so offering prayers in my lead is a sin”

He said that Asra is a very hardworking girl and he always wants to see her successful in every walk of life. He requested other Pakistani parents to always support their daughters and encourage them to dream high, rather than suppressing their thoughts.

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  • Shabnam Khan says:

    What an amazing story of a truly bright and religious family. I bow my head to Qari saheb,s bright and supportive attitude towards his children.And my congratulations to Asra for her hard work and bringing a good name to her country.

  • Tariq says:

    Hats off to Maulvi Sahib

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