By women, for women: Haya Faisal’s one of a kind transportation service

Haya Faisal has definitely made a name for herself in the transport market through her one of a kind transportation service.

The service is for only women and is in Karachi. Haya drives herself, and her goal with this is to ensure safe transportation for women and families.

Haya Faisal’s inspiring story

Haya is a single mother of four, and her journey hasn’t been an easy one. After being left alone by her husband, she took it upon herself to financially support her children.

It took her some time to understand the industry and make her position known, but she got there with time. While talking to a news source, Haya talked about her aim to educate her children and save them from suffering the way she did.

She said her profession is her way of teaching her children perseverance and persistence. She believes that her experience as a taxi driver has given her room for improvement and growth.

Faisal is now independently supporting her family and has made her mark in a male-dominated profession.

Watch her interview here:

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