Female Pakistani Engineer is creating a pollution-free engine for airplanes!

Making Pakistan proud, a female aerospace engineer is working to develop a pollution-free engine for airplanes. The innovative engine will not only reduce global warming but will also be capable of inducing artificial rain during flight.

Dr. Sarah Qureshi holds a Master’s in Aerospace Dynamics and a Ph.D. in Aerospace Propulsion from Cranfield University, UK. Engineering has been previously treated like a ”man’s field” in Pakistan, however, Dr. Sarah has reclaimed female space in Pakistan’ aerospace sphere, making it evident that women are no less!

Speaking to an international media source, Sarah told that she and her father Masood Latif Qureshi, who himself is a known Physicist and a Scientist, has established a company with the name “Aero Engine Craft”. Aero Engine Craft is dedicated to presenting a solution for the country’s air pollution problem by developing environment-friendly engines for airplanes.

Sarah said that her team is building ” a revolutionary contrail-free aero-engine with added features of reduced carbon footprint, in a bid to counter global warming.”

The engine will have a unique pressure-based condensation system, which will cool the water vapors in the aircraft exhaust. This water will remain on the airplane and can be released as rain as required.

Just like the product itself, the working is quite revolutionary and unique as well. It has a distinctive pressure-based condensation system, that will work to cool the water vapors when aircrafts exhaust. This water can also be released as rain if required.

”You see when an airplane flies; cloud-like contrails are formed. These clouds are water vapors frozen around small particles (aerosols) that exist in aircraft exhaust. These clouds cannot produce rain; rather, they blanket the atmosphere with the emissions from planes, resultantly contributing to global warming.”

“We manufactured an engine and then attached the condensation system with it to transform it into a contrail-free aero-engine,” Sarah said, adding that this will be tested on an aircraft in the next phase.

Sarah further added that her innovative plan has won international patents and it will take about six years before it is commercially viable. She added that just like land pollution, air pollution is equally dangerous for health!


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