Daughter of police constable becomes FIRST female in her ENTIRE village to achieve higher education & clear CSS

This is the miraculous and heartwarming story of a girl who defied all odds to achieve higher education and excelled in flying colors.

Meet Safia Turk

Safia grew up in a strict and patriarchal community where women were not allowed to pursue their education.

Safia’s mother took a stand for her and encouraged her to complete her studies further. With her mother’s encouragement and support, Safia appeared in the SPSC combined competitive exam 2018.

In her entire village and family, she is the only female who has achieved higher education and has joined the civil services.

Only HALF of the population is literate.

Now, what makes this story unique?

Safia’s father who was a police constable suffered a paralysis attack in 2007. He sadly passed away in 2016 leaving the family to fend for themselves. Throughout the hard and difficult times, Safia’s mother stood like a wall and supported her daughter to complete her education.

She performed remarkably well in the exams and was allocated in the PMS group (AC +SO).

wow, we’re so proud!

Only 2/10 further pursue their studies

After hearing stories like these, we should help in supporting and encouraging women around us to achieve their educational goals. Girls like Safia prove that women are strong enough to handle any challenge that life throws their way.  

The Education System in Pakistan can be summarised in the following way to give you a clearer picture:

None of this can change until and unless the problem of illiteracy is treated as a major hindrance towards the success of our country. How can we ever expect to prosper and flourish when nearly half of our population can not even read nor write?

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