Meet Aniza Khan: An advocate for animal rights who has rescued over 1,500 animals

Violation of animal rights has been a persistent issue in Pakistan, and oftentimes, the mistreatment animals face in the country garners international attention as well.

However, there are a few heroes working on the frontline that are doing everything in their power to help these innocent lives. One such person is Aniza Khan, a young girl from Lahore, who has devoted her life to rescuing animals for the past ten years.

Aniza has 35 cats and 16 dogs at home and has rescued over 1,500 animals so far. Currently working with a welfare organization named ‘Give us Life, Animal Welfare, she has been financing her initiative, along with her family and friends.

“Each animal has its own lifestyle and psyche, making each one of them different with individual needs. We cannot keep all animals together. We have to keep them separately. It not only is good for their environment but also helps in case of any viral spread of disease”, Khan said while talking about her experience.

Khan has also bought land and is now starting her own animal shelter. Along with rescuing, she also feeds stray dogs and cags.

“Every day I wake up at 7:30 a.m. and go out to get food and feed the strays. I have designated spots for strays and feed approximately 30 strays daily”, she added.

Khan also opened up about her struggles and people abandoning their ‘pets’; she said that she wakes up to another kitten being thrown on her porch most days. Since she also has dogs, it is difficult to protect the cats from the canines. She said that people don’t contact and leave them by her doorstep.

Khan is a big advocate of ‘Adopt, don’t shop‘ and she thinks that people should adopt strays, rather than buy expensive breeds.

Aniza Khan deserves a lot of credit for caring about these voiceless creatures that are often shunned. She is definitely an inspiration; more power to her.

Watch Aniza’s interview here:

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