18-year-old woman develops a video game that helps diagnose anxiety

In an exciting new development, an 18-year-old girl from Saudi Arabia has created a game that can be used to detect anxiety disorder in adolescents.

Rasha al Qahtani has developed a video game that will help to detect anxiety disorder. While talking to a news source, she said that she had tried to ‘heal’ her anxiety by herself. Her aim is to raise awareness about mental health, and going to therapy is still considered taboo in society.

The video game was her project at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair. She came in third place due to her unique idea. This prototype was inspired by her personal experience, and struggle with anxiety and her goal with this is to help others who may experience it.

Through this, she has tried to address the stigma around mental health, and the barriers in the way of youth that is trying to get mental health treatment.

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  • Haleema says:

    Share Game name with us

  • Taha says:

    Name of the game?

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