105 years old but still going strong!

They say passion for your work knows no limits and bounds, even if it comes to your age.

Sasamoto shooting in her 20s.
Sasamoto capturing an image in her 20’s

This holds true in the case of Tsuneko Sasamoto who is a renowned Japanese photographer.


She is considered to be the country’s first photojournalist who kick-started her career at the age of 25. She is known for her distinctive artistic sense and stunning images that she photographs.

She is famous for her work in capturing over 70 years of history of Japan before and after the war in which she highlighted the country’s shift into becoming an economic superpower.

What makes her story stand out? She is 105 years old now and is still doing what she does best. Photography!

 Let’s face it, we start feeling rusty when we hit the 50 years age mark. With every passing year, we start taking it easy on our bodies, incorporating more rest and less work. That’s not what Sasamoto did. She made sure she kept herself active while doing what she loves the most. How many 100 years old people have you heard of who have held an exhibition of their favorite images? Well, it’s no surprise that Sasamoto tops this list.

In 2015 she broke her left hand and both legs due to an accident.

This would stop anyone in their tracks but not this super lady. She defied all odds at her age and underwent rehab while continuing her professional activity. Her latest project is called “Hana Akari” or “Flower glow” which is very special to her. It is a tribute for those friends of her who have passed away.

She believes that there is a deep relation between man and flowers. She wants to relate each of her friends with a flower that will act as a medium to deliver her appreciation to them.

What kept her going? How did she achieve all this and not let her age become a hurdle? Did she drink a youth potion or take some magic pills? Nope.

She simply maintained a positive outlook and mindset. That served as a driving force in achieving her goals.

Does she have a message for people who want to be like her and are craving for her secret? Yes, she does. She says:

“You should never become lazy. It’s essential to remain positive about your life and never give up, you need to push yourself and stay aware, so you can move forward. That’s what I want people to know.”

Let us all take inspiration from this super lady and not let age ever get in the way of our dreams.

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