You Should Exercise Smarter Not Harder And Here’s How

Exercise makes our bodies healthier. We’ve all heard this way too many times now in our lives to undermine the importance of daily physical activity. It not only keeps us proactive but also helps increase our stamina while boosting energy levels in the body. 
I’ve always been an on-again-off-again kinda person whenever it comes to going to the gym however when i get regular in working out, i make sure i follow these key steps as standards in my routine.

Gym selfies are a must. he he ☻

The most common mistakes we make while exercising is either over training or negligent training. We have no idea what we are doing but we keep doing it just for the sake of doing it! That happens simply because there is little to-no knowledge available to those who actually want to keep their bodies healthy & active.

The solution is easy. In order for you to get the most out of your workout all you have to do is incorporate 3 SIMPLE YET EFFECTIVE THINGS into your daily workout routine. Here are 3 things that i swear by!


Cardio basically makes you burn more calories by speeding up your metabolism. It helps shed body fat. It improves our BMI – Body Mass Index.
Also referred to as ‘Aerobic exercise’, it incorporates the repetitive contraction of your larger muscle groups to make your heart beat faster.
Cardio exercises are beneficial for our health simply because they make our heart “workout”. In the long run, regular cardio workouts can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.


This is something SO many people miss out on because they don’t know what it does for them. Weight training does so much for our body from keeping us healthy to preventing injuries in our muscles & joints. It is a great way to burn calories, gain muscle mass, increase flexibility, decrease body fat & so much more.

Weight training can play a crucial role in transforming the outcome of your entire workout. It may include exercises that are beneficial for adults or older people who may experience muscle weakening. They help build up muscles to their full strength. It helps in reducing the risk of weakness and osteoporosis.


Stretching before and after working out is essential for long term stamina. It also increases the strength of our muscles and avoids any sort of muscle injury or rupture that can occur from training (in some cases over-training). It improves overall posture as well as helps reduce & manage stress more effectively.
Why stretching should be a key part of your exercise routine is because it relieves post-exercise aches and pains. It is proven to decrease muscle stiffness while increasing our range of motion. Stretching can also reduce stress and increase energy.

Now we all know that stretching before and after a workout is important to ease muscle soreness, but what about making it a part of your routine every day? Frequent stretching is a life-saver (i speak from personal experience) because it helps keep your muscles in shape. They also help maintain a proper nutrient + blood supply to all the working tissues and muscles.

What things do you guys incorporate into your workout routine? We’d love to know!

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