Why our grandparents need extra love and care

“Old age and the passage of time teach all things.” Sophocles

In Pakistan, a majority of our households are based on a ‘Joint Family System.’ Owing to this system, one advantage that children have is that they get to spend quality time with their grandparents. Whether it’s their paternal grandparents or maternal, grand children are pampered by them nonetheless.

Face it, when we were kids and ended up being super naughty, who came to our rescue? Who did we run to in order to avoid a beating of our life? Who snuck us candies when we weren’t allowed to have anymore? Who put in a good word for us when our parents wouldn’t let us do something? I’m sure a majority of you have said, our ‘Grandparents.’

Most of you are probably wondering why I’m even reminding you of this. Well, do you remember the last time you spent time with them? When did you go snuggle next to them? Or when did you last give them a hug or a kiss?

Our lives have become as busy as ever. Whether you are a student, home maker or doing a job, you hardly get time for your own self. During our busy schedules, we MUST take out time for our parents and grandparents.

As they age they get more sensitive and feel left out.

While going about our daily lives we tend to sometimes ignore them as well. They might not complain about feeling left out, so it’s better to make changes in ourselves rather than waiting for them to say it.

Following are a few ways that sound easy but will have a huge impact:

Going out:

While going out, especially for outdoor activities, older people tend to avoid them. Try to make outings age-friendly for your grandparents/parents. Don’t ‘assume’ that they wouldn’t want to go to a certain place just because you think so. You should always lovingly ask them to accompany you. Even if they refuse, they will know they were wanted.


Elders in our family are the wisest. They have been through a number of situations and dealt with many storms. While making life changing decisions include them and value their opinion. Learn from them.

Have a Grandparents Day:

Grandparents deserve to be felt special. There should be at least one day that is all about them. Make their favorite food, buy them gifts and what’s better than spending the whole day with them.

Love them:

Our parents have struggled for us their whole lives. They worked day and night so we can lead comfortable lives. Selflessly providing for the whole family, never thinking about their own wishes.  We owe it to them that they are in good hands (in their old age) and loved unconditionally by us and our children. We need to make our kids realize the respect and love that they should give to our parents (their grandparents).

Pamper them:

When was the last time we pampered our grandparents? As they are getting older, their bodies get tired mentally and physically. A little pampering every now and then will be the perfect happy pill.

We as grandchildren have an extra important part to play. We can’t always rely on our parents to do everything. Let’s make our grandparents OUR responsibility. If our parents are too busy or caught up, we should make up for them. Show them they are loved and needed. There is nothing worse than being old and alone. After you’re done reading this, go and give them a tight hug.

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