Why communicating with your spouse is important for your health

Don’t us ‘wives’ have a tough job? Whether we are living with in-laws or independently, have kids or not, are working or are housewives, our daily ‘expected responsibilities’ take a toll on our mental and physical health. There is a constant anxiety of getting everything done according to a specific daily routine whether it’s cleaning, cooking, looking after the kids and hubby, you name it. I might’ve even missed out a few chores.

Now, all this physical work is one thing, an important factor to highlight is mental stress as well. It can take many forms such as financial stress, health of a loved one or even issues with your in-laws. If you are a victim to any of these, what is the one thing that you look forward to every evening? I know, spending quality time with your SPOUSE!

Your spouse is the one who knows you inside out. He has seen you at your worst and also at your best. He is the one who keeps you from falling and is a constant wall to shield you from outside harm. Well, why shouldn’t he?  You left your house to come live with him. You take care of him and his family (which by the way is your family now as well) and most importantly, YOU have given him kids which in my opinion is the hardest (and most painful) job in the world.

Marriage is a very beautiful yet complex relationship. There are so many expectations on both sides which IF not met, lead to turbulence in your relationship. This is why COMMUNICATION has a very important role in our marriage.

Why Communication Is So Important:

If we never express what is in our hearts, how will the other person know what we feel? Following are a few ways you can make communication better with your spouse:

  • Make an effort: 

    Make sure that you make the effort to spend time with your spouse daily. If you have kids, you can spend quality time with each other after putting them to bed.
  • Avoid guessing what’s on the other one’s mind:

    Instead of guessing what is on your spouse’s mind, it is better to confront them about the issue. Openly ask about their view and don’t just jump to conclusions without hearing their side. Remember, communication is key.
  • Appreciate:

    Appreciation is a key factor that makes a relationship strong. You must acknowledge the other person’s efforts and hard work. It will strengthen your bond.
  • Learn to listen:

    For a marriage to succeed, it is imperative that you listen to each other’s complaints without being defensive. Acknowledge what your partner is saying and try to make them feel that you understand them. Actions speak louder than words.
  • Spend quality time together:

    Nothing beats a good heart to heart with your spouse. Spend quality time with them. Make them feel important. Do what makes you both happy.

The world today has become ever so fast. We are so engrossed in our daily lives that we unintentionally start taking our relationships for granted. After a long tiring day, nothing beats some late night chilling with your partner. The time you take out NOW will be worthwhile in the future.

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