Man marries the love of his life at 100-years old – not even COVID-19 could keep them apart

As the coronavirus Covid-19 spreads across the world rapidly, people over the age of 60 have been advised to proceed with extreme caution as the virus leaves people with weaker immune systems at high risk. All over the world, people had to put their entire lives on hold and go into isolation to protect themselves and others around them from the virus.

100-year old Yavar Abbas, a filmmaker and journalist based in the UK, was all set to marry the love of his life Noor Zaheer an Indian activist and writer, on the 27th of March 2020. But then, they heard about the death toll rising in the UK and realised that they can’t wait. If the isolation period starts they’ll have to delay their wedding indefinitely!

So, they decided they didn’t want to wait any longer. On March 19, 2020 They rushed to the registrar’s office and were told they only had one slot in an hour, and one the next day. The couple called up their respective witnesses and got married the very next morning.

Had they waited any longer, they wouldn’t know when they’d be able to get married.

“We did not want to waste any time”


The beautiful pair had a really intimate wedding reception at their home with 6 people.

When he was asked why’d they’d want to get married at this age? Especially in times like these when all people are worried about the virus he replied “We fell in love. It doesn’t matter how old I am. She is past 60 but even the age difference doesn’t matter. We are very happy together.”

When Ms Zaheer was asked about their age difference she summed it up very beautifully “We attach a lot of importance to age and what should be done when. The ‘right age’ is not the prerequisite to love.”

Even though it seems like the coronavirus is the only thing happening in the world right now and everything seems like it’s going wrong but stories of love like this remind us that there’s still a lot of things in the world that we can admire. We just have to pay attention and look around us.

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