Time to change old habits – throw away used & reheated oil before it kills you!

If you are familiar with the ever so-famous ‘Afghani chips’ in f-10 markaz islamabad, you can’t deny how deliciously addictive they are. Since my parents house happens to be in the same sector, I for sure make it a point to visit this specific chips stall and eat those yummy goodies till my oily/greasy food craving is satisfied (which I know is super unhealthy).

Now, on a similar happy day, while me and my hubby were driving back home, I reminded him to fulfill our ‘f-10 sector ritual.’ We parked right next to his stall and gave the waiter our order.

While I was happily chatting away with my hubby, I happened to notice how the guy making the fries kept adding more and more uncooked chips to that same deep fryer whenever he got done with a batch of fries. The whole time we were there (including the time I devoured the French fries); I kept watching the guy to see if maybe he would bother to change the oil. No sir!

He kept making batches after batches in the same oil. This incident reminded me of something very important that my dad says all the time:

‘don’t eat oily food from outside; they cook it in the same unhealthy oil’.

Now when I went home, I decided to do some research on the harmful effects of using and reheating oil for cooking purposes.

My research left me feeling extremely sick.

It is extremely harmful to re-use oil again and again for frying or cooking any sort of food. It leads to so many health related problems. Let me share what I found out:

Increase in toxicity:

For starters, reheating oil loads it with toxic elements. When we cook food in oil that has been heated and used before, the number of free radicals increases to a dangerous level. Now what are these free radicals you are wondering? They are molecules that are extremely harmful which leech onto healthy cells affecting their proper function.

In simpler and terrifying words, they can lead to a number of health related diseases such as:

  • Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Atherosclerosis (which is a condition in which arteries are blocked by plaque and there is an increase in levels of bad cholesterol).

Bad cholesterol:

Have you noticed how

cooking oil changes its appearance when it is reused and re heated a multiple of times?

It starts giving off smoke and becomes darker in colour. This my friends is the time you throw it away. At this point the oil is loaded with LDL also known as bad cholesterol. It happily deposits in your arteries and may lead to heart related problems and can even cause a stroke.

Trans-fatty acids:

Also known as Trans fat acids. These are considered as one of the most dangerous types of fats that we can consume. While increasing the bad cholesterol in your body, they decrease the level of good cholesterol in your system. As a result, they can be lethal if consumed on a regular basis.

So when we re-heat or re-use our cooking oil, the Trans fatty acids are increased, turning your food into a recipe for disaster.

In our households there is a concept of not wasting anything and utilising it till its last ability, but do we ever stop to wonder whether this practice of ‘not letting go’ is healthy in the long run?

Cooking oil is something that is used many times on a daily basis to prepare food that YOU have to put in your body. Please discard used oil and avoid re using it especially for frying purposes. Once it is over heated and starts smoking up, that is the point you discard it immediately. Being stingy isn’t worth your life, or is it?

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