How can sleep help in your weight loss journey and improve your overall health?

Studies have concluded that people with lesser than the recommended duration of sleep and restricted calories are unlikely to lose weight than those who get the proper sleep.

People have this misconception that exercise and calories are the only things that need to be monitored during one’s weight loss journey and give little to no importance to the fact that sleep can play a potent role too.

The average recommended sleep time for adults falls around 7 to 9 hours, however, many people sleep lesser than that. Numerous researches that were conducted proved that less sleep is directly linked to obesity, greater body fat and slowdown of the process in which your calories are being burnt.

How does lesser sleep slow down the weight loss process?

Changes in food selections, appetite and metabolism are the three core things that sleep-deprivation targets.

Sleep & food selection

It is surprising how sleep influences the way in which the ‘brain’ perceives food and responds to it after you are sleep-deprived. People who do not get the needed hours of sleep tend to snack more and crave foods which are rich in carbohydrates or taste sweet.

The brain responds more actively to the selection of food after an individual gets lesser sleep.

Sleep & appetite

The two very important ‘appetite hormones’ in our body are ghrelin and leptin. The secretion of these hormones is highly dependent on the sleep. Ghrelin stimulates appetite while leptin decreases it.

Sleeping less tends to increase the production and secretion of ghrelin in the body and on the other hand, it also decreases the levels of leptin.

Sleep & metabolism

Sleep impacts metabolism by targeting the ability of insulin to uptake glucose. Insulin is a hormone that basically aims to process glucose into our blood. Sleep-deprived people decrease insulin’s ability to uptake glucose and the long-term effects of this can be dangerous. It might lead to not only obesity but also diabetes type 2.

Exercise to help you sleep

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