VIDEO: Sania Mirza shares how she lost 30kg weight post-pregnancy

Sania Mirza is back in shape after gaining weight due to her pregnancy. She has blessed with a ‘baby boy’ and her weight went up to about 89 kgs. After losing 26 kgs, she is back to being her ‘fit self’.

In a recent interview, Sania discussed some tips on losing weight after delivery. She says that being an ‘athlete’, her focus is weight loss. She has to lose weight to go back to her job. She further said that she has to be ‘healthy’, not only from the outside but from the ‘inside’. After her delivery, she felt unhealthy on the inside. She emphasized on exercising and said that everyone should take out at least 2-3 hours for themselves every day.

The athlete addressed some other things as well. She discussed the ‘hormonal changes’ that the body of a woman has to go through during the pregnancy period. Sania lost weight real quick but even if one sees ‘slow progress’, they should still try because eating healthy, and working out makes you feel ‘sane’.

Moreover, working out doesn’t only help you lose weight but it also helps deal with ‘postpartum’ depression. She claims that she did not experience ‘depression’, simply because she started working out really soon after the delivery and went on walks. The athlete believes that your life ‘doesn’t end’ after your pregnancy but it has a ‘new start’.

Summing up her overall experience up, she expressed joy because the athlete was able to eat everything she wanted, which she couldn’t otherwise on ‘normal days’.

However, people’s attitude changed towards her once she gained weight, Sania openly talked about the ‘criticism and sarcastic comments’ people gave her while she was overweight.

The negative comments did disturb her because delivering a baby and gaining weight are all-natural things and she couldn’t do anything about it.

She said that it was mostly women who ‘criticized’ her and it is so surprising and disappointing because women themselves go through this period but skip no chance of taunting others. She believes that such women have a ‘venomous thing in them to say such mean things’. 

Here’s her full interview:

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