5 ways in which you can protect yourself from a heatwave

With the extremely hot weather conditions and the schools/offices re-opening, it has become very difficult for people to cope up with the high temperature, especially for students. Although numerous universities and workplaces have air conditioners, many in schools and at work are having a hard time dealing with the heatwave.

It is necessary to know the measures one can take to protect themselves from the heat wave.

If you’re struggling with the hot weather, here are some ways in which you can survive through the heat-related illnesses:

1- Stay hydrated

If you’re sweating, you should make sure that you replace the electrolytes in your body. You can do this by drinking electrolyte replacement drinks or by eating a small amount of food with your water.

You should also consider drinking more water than you do usually even if you don’t feel thirsty.

2- Avoid caffeine

It is essential that you avoid or at least minimise caffeine intake. This is because caffeine acts as a diuretic and can dehydrate your body.

3- Eliminate all the unneeded sources of heat

The appliances left running without any reason, incandescent bulbs, computers and etc. can generate heat as well.

4- Educate yourself by knowing the heat-related illnesses and their symptoms

Be aware about the signs of heat emergencies such as heat exhaustion, heat rash, heat stroke and more. Knowing the symptoms will help you know when to call for help.

5- Avoid consuming large, protein-rich meals

This is recommended because protein-rich meals can increase metabolic heat and hence end up warming the body.

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