‘Keto diet can create disturbances for the body’, Jameela Jamil urges influencers to stop promoting it

One diet plan, which is very famous on social media and considered a ‘fast and efficient’ way to lose weight, is the keto diet. It sounds very appealing since many social media influencers promote it. However, activist and actor Jameela Jamil educate all the famous influencers on how dangerous the keto diet can be.

She took to her Instagram to call out the people who favor the keto diet and recommend it. She mentioned how it could harm the body and even on the vital organs in her post. She also pointed out how the before/after pictures of weight loss transmission are nothing but edited.

She educated those who want to lose weight by telling them to lose weight slowly as all the means of losing it fast only make one lose the water weight, and as soon as one starts consuming carbohydrates, all the weight lost is regained.

Here’s what Jameela posted:

Jameela also posted the screenshots of people who reviewed the keto diet in her post to aware people of the adverse effects of following it until or unless a physician has recommended one to.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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