Harvard nutritionist reveals foods you should eat for a sharp brain!

Harvard nutritionist reveals foods you should eat for a sharp brain!

A Harvard nutritionist has revealed foods that will help you enhance your brain’s memory and functioning. In the fast-paced world, keeping up is a tough job and you need to have a sharp brain. The human brain is the mastermind behind everything, from movements to breathing.

Our diet has a huge impact on our physical and mental health, and there are some foods that make us smarter and sharper. The food we eat can impact oxidative stress and inflammation in our bodies, these can affect the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.

A Harvard nutritionist, faculty member at the Harvard Medical School, Dr. Uma Naidoo has suggested the below-mentioned foods for improving brain health.

Foods for a sharp brain!

Fermented foods

Harvard nutritionist reveals foods you should eat.

If you are unaware of what fermentation is, it is adding food to microorganisms that feed on the sugar in the food. This produces things like lactic acid, which generates gut-friendly bacteria.

Eating fermented foods can significantly enhance gut food. This also improves our cognitive function. Common fermented food that you can consume is yogurt, but eating such foods in large quantities can lead to bloating.

Hence, you need to be careful about the quantity.


Harvard nutritionist reveals you should eat greens for a sharp brain.

This one comes as no surprise to anyone. Greens are a staple in the food group. Not only do they improve your physical health, but the foods are also highly beneficial for the brain as they contain folate. It is a B vitamin, which supports neurotransmitter function.

The deficiency of folate can lead to cognitive aging and increased depression symptoms.

Dark chocolate

Harvard nutritionist reveals foods you should eat for a sharp brain!

For chocolate lovers, substitute milky chocolate with dark chocolate! You will fulfill your chocolate cravings and at the same time, it will be beneficial for your health.

Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants, and the cacao flavanols can help preserve the health of brain cells. It contains fiber to decrease brain inflammation.

Extra dark chocolate should be 70% cacao or greater. But, everything in access becomes unhealthy. Even if the food is good for you, consume it in moderation.

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