GET FIT: 3 workouts that will help transform your body in 2 weeks!

The COVID-19 pandemic disturbed everyone greatly, especially when it came to ‘limiting’ the level of physical activity. The work from home and online classes stopped individuals from going out as they normally do and sadly, we all have grown unhealthy.

As everything is finally getting back to the normal pace and it seems like soon we all will continue our old routines, we need to know some workouts to transform our bodies within weeks now that we have lesser time. Losing weight or toning your body calls for the need of a suitable workout and we have got your back.

Below, are 3 of the BEST workouts that can transform and tone your body in weeks. Choose the one you find suitable for you and start today.

3 workouts that’ll help transform your body in weeks

Chloe Ting ‘2 weeks shred challenge 2020’

You must have heard about Chloe Ting’s challenges since everyone is raving about how amazing and effective they are. The workout is comprised of 17 minutes and targets all parts of your body. It is a useful workout to help you lose weight and as Chloe claims, within 2 weeks, you will see a visible difference.

The reviews about the workout are mostly positive. People commented on how they saw a difference in just one week after they started the workout. So spare 17 minutes every day for yourself and kick-start the workout.

Emi Wong’s ‘2 Week Workout Program to Lose weight, Get Abs & Burn Fat’

Emi Wong has split her workout into 2 weeks. Each week has its own workout routine and every week targets some specific areas to accommodate all parts of the body and make the workout as effective as possible so you lose weight as well as tone side-by-side.

Emi Wong provides a proper plan, which you can get printed and mark every day. This is all you need and so does your body. People love her workouts and this is a recommended one as well.

Adrienne Finch’s ‘1 Week Body Transformation (Abs/Core, Booty, Legs)

Are you short on time and aim on toning your body? Not a problem anymore. Adrienne’s 1-week workout is just the perfect one to hit. This workout can easily be done at home since it requires no fancy equipment.
Adrienne’s workout is based on using weights that are not that ‘heavy’ and building endurance by incorporating more reps. She uses alternatives (water bottles) instead of weights for the workout and it is super effective and helpful.

If you’re running low on motivation, here’s a video that will help give you the boost you need to get started:

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