Is intermittent fasting a good way to lose weight? This blogger says so!

We all have heard about how intermittent fasting is an efficient way to lose pounds. This blogger here is sharing her journey of how she opted for intermittent fasting during quarantine and was successful in losing weight. The blogger spoke about how she stumbled upon the process accidentally but later made it part of her lifestyle. She thinks this is the easiest way to lose weight.

The blogger’s journey of losing weight through fasting

Intermittent fasting is a pattern that includes alteration between fasting and eating. Instead of calling it a ‘diet,’ people refer to it as an ‘eating pattern.
The woman shared her routine (which started unexpectedly) of skipping breakfast and lunch. After that, she’d eat whenever she felt hungry. To her surprise, she noticed how her pants got looser, and it was evident that she had lost a few pounds.

What started off as coincidental fasting was then turned into intentional periods of fasting.

Intermittent fasting is much more than just counting calories

The blogger mentioned how, like many, she also hated keeping a calorie count, which many think is necessary for losing pounds. So, intermittent fasting was a technique that involved much more than just keeping a calorie check.
She also said that the body gets used to the routine, and hence, it gets more comfortable with time. It might initially be difficult as diet plans are hard at the start, too, but it is worth it.

The reason why intermittent fasting works

Since the blogger wasn’t consuming the regular three meals per day, she was still getting lesser calories than usual. Instead of going out to eat or ordering food, she went for homemade, making sure that she knew what was used in the food and what its nutritional value was.

The liver stores the energy obtained from the food consumed. It does that in the form of glucose. Seventy calories of that glucose, on average, are burnt every hour. Hence, if we keep eating in chunks and going for snacks between the meals, all of it is not burnt correctly.

When a body is deprived of food for 10-12 hours, it switches from burning glucose to burning fat, which is all you need for weight loss.

Despite the amazing benefits of intermittent fasting, you still need to be sure if it is suitable for your body or not. Don’t starve yourself too much, and eat foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients, so you don’t cause internal deficiencies. So be sure to do your math before you go for it.

The story got published in 7news.

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