Mushk Kaleem opens up about her battle with Dysmorphia

Mushk Kaleem is a Pakistani model, who has gathered a big fanbase in no time. She has become every designer’s muse and has represented Pakistan at Milan Fashion Week as well. Kaleem has been very vocal about colorism issues and how people with fair skin tones are always preferred in the industry. She is bold, and headstrong, due to which she has made her way into the hearts of numerous Pakistanis.

Mushk Kaleem’s battle with Dysmorphia

On World Mental Health Day, Mushk opened up about her story, and how she was battling with herself. The model shared the horrific time she was going through and how her mental health was compromised. Mushk shared how everyone who looked at her from a distance thought she was happy, and although she had achieved a lot, her mental health was still declining.

The model shared that she used to starve herself to lose inches. She would go on for 24 hours without eating anything and opted for an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. She was also abusing drugs. Everything around her seemed wrong.

A year later, Mushk talked about how happy she is currently. She found the appropriate support she needed to uplift herself. She put her first and went for therapy, all of which helped her become mentally healthy.

Mushk Kaleem beat the voices in her head, telling her she isn’t enough or that her weight determines her beauty and worth. She is in a much better headspace now and has set healthy boundaries with people for herself. Mushk’s hard time is an example in itself. From promoting body positivity to telling everyone that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, her experience is a ray of hope for those who are in a constant battle with themselves.

Here’s Mushq’s post about her journey:

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