Shaniera Akram’s message to brown women is one of the most wholesome things of 2020

Shaniera Akram has been doing a lot to change the way Pakistan works since she’s moved here. She’s been very active on social media speaking about all the issues that she feels need to be highlighted. She’s garnered a following and people actually care about what she has to say.

One of her most prominent works is how she single-handedly raised awareness about the hazardous waste on a beach in Karachi. Within weeks the beach had been completely cleaned and everything was done to ensure the safety of the cleaners too!

She just spoke about a different issue that is very deeprooted in our society – gora obsession.

Shaniera took to social media to tell the girls of Pakistan how she too grew up in a society where she was told that she needed to work on her skin tone, only that for her it was the other way around.

White girls try to darken their skin tone to make their skin look more glowy and healthy.

They too would put their health at risk to achieve the tan they’re after, just like brown women do to lighten their skin.

Both sides shouldn’t have to do any of this.

She encourages women on both sides to embrace their natural skin colour and rock it with confidence because there’s always someone that wants what you’ve got so that’s gotta be something worth enjoying.

We love her message and it really applies to our entire society, where regardless of how educated people get, the obsession with being “gora” is always the number 1 across the board.

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