How to cure depression at home

Do you ever feel like you are walking down a dark road towards no end? Your life has no meaning or purpose. Each day you wake up feels like a burden that is crushing you into the ground. The life that you knew is a past you can’t seem to remember. The walls are closing in and this heaviness on your mind is slowly killing you. Nothing seems to make sense anymore.

With each passing day, you try to make sense of your life, trying desperately hard to find your purpose. Where did that happy and content person go? How has everything taken a u-turn and you are struggling with self pity and depression. Nothing seems to make you happy anymore, nothing seems to matter.

These are the typical feelings of despair and worthiness; people who suffer from depression go through. Now, sadness and depression are two separate things altogether. Sadness is a natural human reaction that people feel regarding different situations that give you pain and make you emotionally upset.

Just like every other emotion, sadness is temporary and fades away with time, HOWEVER, depression does not.

Depression on the other hand is a mental illness that lasts for a longer time, impairing a person’s ability to function socially, physically and most importantly MENTALLY. Depression needs to be understood as a serious mental illness which if left untreated, can lead to dire consequences. Not only does it damage a person physically and mentally, severe depression can lead people to lose their life.

Medical treatment is required for depression. Along with medicines, the support of people around you is also very important. Depending on your condition, the doctor will prescribe you therapy and in extreme cases medications.

Along with medical help, there are certain things that you can do at home to battle it.
Let’s look at a few of those things:


Sleep plays a major role in determining how we feel. Since people suffering from depression already have a hard time getting some shut eye, lack of sleep can make depression worse. How can you ensure to get some sleep? Make a bed time routine and stick to it. Take everything that distracts you out of you room. Try not to take naps during the day. Avoid any sort of screen time 2-3 hours before your bed time. Hopefully you will notice your sleeping pattern improving.


None of us can underestimate the importance of exercise in our daily lives. Its benefits are not just limited to losing weight, it also necessary for our mental well being. Exercising releases endorphins which are also known as happy hormones in our bodies. As the name suggests, they help with people battling with depression and makes them feel better. You don’t need to have a crazy exercise routine; even walking a few times a week can do the trick.

Eating habits:

As we all know, food acts as a fuel source for our body. Whatever we put in our bellies has effects on our mental and physical health. There are no magic foods that can cure depression; however researchers have found links with different kinds of foods that can help you with your battle. These are foods containing folic acid such as spinach and avocado. Omega 3-fatty acids such as salmon and tuna are also helpful.

Make an effort:

Remember no one can help you better than YOURSELF. You need to start making an effort to bring a positive change in your life. You need to challenge all the negative thoughts that cloud your brain. For example, if you feel you are worthless, do you have any evidence to support this claim? In order to challenge this thought, think about your family and friends who love you. Are you worthless to them? Obviously NOT. So make an effort to challenge negative thoughts with positive proof and facts. Remember, most of the work while challenging depression is ‘mental.’

Try to keep busy:

When you are battling depression, keeping yourself busy is a good way to cope with it. Try looking for a new hobby. Do whatever makes you happy. Whenever you have negative thoughts, divert your mind with an activity. As they say, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

how people with depression feel

These are a few tips you can incorporate while battling with depression. However, we should not take this condition lightly and visit the doctor as soon as the condition gets out of control. We should offer as much support as we can to people who are suffering from this so that they know they are not alone. They should know help and support is always around the corner.

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