5 reasons why you should delete all the social media apps from your phone RIGHT NOW!

We’ve all been there, where we end up wasting our entire day on our phone. We scroll through TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, only to find out that we have been staring at the screen for hours, and all the work we had to do is still pending.

If your addiction to social media has reached to that point, where its the first thing you check after getting up, and last before going to bed, then it is time for you to dial it down, and maybe even consider quitting social media.

Yes, social media is a very important tool, that helps to keep you in the loop with everything that is going on around the world and in your friends’ circle, but you can get all the information you need from sites other than Facebook, Instagram and TikTok too.

Here’s a few reasons why you should delete your social media applications this very minute.

Why you should delete social media

It can contribute to loneliness

So, you’re talking to everyone, and are followed by so many people on your social media accounts, but why are you still lonely? There’s this profound sense of loneliness that occurs due to being surrounded by thousands of people every day, but having little interaction with any of them.

Social media does give the illusion of relationships, but without all the real-life benefits: laughing together, the feeling of being understood and being held when you’re down.

It is a time waste

Social media can be really time-wasting. Aimlessly scrolling through your newsfeed for hours on end can surprisingly waste a lot of your time. It decreases motivation, wastes time, is unproductive, and also leads to laziness. Because who has the energy to fill themselves a glass of water anyway, right?

It decreases self-esteem

Following celebrities and models on social media applications hit you right where it hurts, it will directly target your self-esteem.

Seeing people doing amazing things in life, celebrities live a luxurious life, or that one model who seems to have the perfect physique can hurt your self-confidence more than you think. ‘Why am I not that successful at this age?’ or ‘Why isn’t my face as chiseled as this actress’?’ and so on, you will fall into an unending spiral of self-doubt and self-hate.


If you would rather use your phone than go to sleep at 10 pm, then yes, you’re addicted, and it’s time to tone down your usage. The blue light from your mobile phone can also negatively impact your health, cause eye strain, and cause you to lose sleep.

Mental Health

Research has at multiple occasions found out that social media can lead to a compromised mental health, and in some cases also cause depression. Bad news, clever product plugs, constant comparisons and fake news can really take a toll on you mentally.

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