Instagram is hiding its likes and you may be a happier person in the end

A few months ago Instagram quietly took away the activity tab on the app, a lot of people didn’t notice and some who did were sad they could no longer actively see what their friends were liking ( I see u FBI level bffs) but for the most part people didn’t seem that bothered. 

But then, Instagram announced they’d be taking away the “likes” status on posts. People freaked out, why would Instagram do such a thing? It won’t benefit anyone! What about my recent post with 250,000 likes!? 

Well, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced that

We will make decisions that hurt the business if they help people’s well-being and health”. 

Everyday people have gotten too used to comparing themselves to social media influencers, their way of life, the things they have, the places they visit, how they look and most importantly how fast they get hundreds of thousands of likes. This constant comparison is not okay for anyone’s mental health. You shouldn’t have to think that much all the time while thinking you’re not good enough. 

This weird pressure everyone’s put on themselves leads to more thinking, and less enjoying life as it happens. We’re too caught up in taking “the perfect picture” that will get us the most likes instead of freezing a moment in time that we enjoyed, or taking pictures of an outfit that might not be everyone’s cup of tea but but hey you love it. People post at a specific hour of the day where more people are active so it reaches maximum audience instead of just posting pictures as you take them. 

When stories came out, people hated Instagram for the change, but now everyone posts stories in the moment without much thought and without caring who’s watching them – you’re just sharing your day! 

Likes being hidden takes Instagram back to how it was in the old days before Instagram was a business. Before people could monetize being on Instagram it was a more inclusive place where everyone posted whatever they wanted. Even though you’ll still be able to see your own likes which makes it so influencers livelihoods don’t get disrupted and you can still see your own likes just not anyone else’s, the environment of permanent competition on Instagram ends with this change. 

Maybe we’ll see more of people’s real personalities now that it’ll no longer be about curating the perfect picture that’ll get the most likes! 

What do you think about the change? Are you for it? Or do you think it’s unnecessary?

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